ARGH NFL Game Predictions (9-10-00)

These are the ARGH system predictions for games over the weekend of September 10, 2000:

TITANS 1 over Chiefs, total 42
VIKINGS 2 over Dolphins, total 43
BILLS 7 over Packers, total 39
RAVENS pick 'em over Jaguars, total 39
COLTS 4 over Raiders, total 43
BUCCANEERS 5 over Bears, total 37
EAGLES 2 over Giants, total 41
BENGALS 5 over Browns, total 42
SEAHAWKS 1 over Rams, total 43
LIONS 3 over Redskins, total 42
BRONCOS 6 over Falcons, total 42
49ERS 1 over Panthers, total 45
CHARGERS 7 over Saints, total 39
CARDINALS 1 over Cowboys, total 40
JETS 4 over Patriots, total 39

Since the pointspread prediction routines are still experimental and since I haven't yet come up with any good methods to choose games in the NFL, I'm going to post only the top three picks against the pointspread. At this point, I'm not making any assumptions as to how good these picks will be, but I'll post them just the same:

Here are the results for the ARGH NFL picks this season:

Last WeekOverall
Against the spread9-6.6009-6.600
ARGH NFL Top Three Picks0-3.0000-3.000

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