ARGH NFL Game Predictions (01-08-06)

These are the ARGH system predictions for games of the weekend of January 8, 2006. IMPORTANT: These are predictions, not betting lines! If you are looking for betting lines, please go to!

Redskins pick 'em over BUCCANEERS - total 36
PATRIOTS pick 'em over Jaguars - total 42
GIANTS 4 over Panthers - total 45
BENGALS pick 'em over Steelers - total 48

Top three picks against the spread:

Results for the ARGH NFL picks for the 2005 season:

Last WeekOverall
Against the spread5-11.313131-117-8 .527
ARGH NFL Top Three Picks2-1.66720-31.392

Retrodictive standings determine how well the system reflects games that have already been played.

Retrodictive record: 195-61, .76172
Mean pointspread error: 9.0566
Bias toward home team: -1.26953
Mean squared error: 140.039

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