This Week's ARGH Game Predictions

These are the ARGH system predictions for games of the weekend of September 12. IMPORTANT: These are predictions, not betting lines! If you are looking for betting lines, please go to!

Revised 9-11-20


Alabama-Birmingham 3 over MIAMI, FLORIDA; total 51


KANSAS STATE 5 over Arkansas State; total 56
APPALACHIAN STATE 19 over Charlotte; total 59
Clemson 24 over WAKE FOREST; total 59
Coastal Carolina 2 over KANSAS; total 58
NOTRE DAME 24 over Duke; total 55
FLORIDA STATE 6 over Georgia Tech; total 53
IOWA STATE 7 over Louisiana; total 56
BAYLOR - Louisiana Tech postponed
ARMY 12 over Louisiana-Monroe; total 59
NORTH CAROLINA 17 over Syracuse; total 58
TEXAS 38 over Texas-El Paso; total 57
TEXAS STATE 3 over Texas-San Antonio; total 53
Tulane 7 over SOUTH ALABAMA; total 55
LOUISVILLE 9 over Western Kentucky; total 56

ATS picks for all games are evaluated against the first available spread, with my pick'em games treated as a one point spread for this purpose only because there are no ties in college football.

ARGH Picks this week are:

More picks may be added later as lines change. Very late picks may be posted on the ARGH Power Ratings Facebook page. Picks found to be against incorrectly posted lines will be removed.

2020 Results (includes late picks posted on Facebook):

Last WeekOverall
Against the spread3-2.6003-2.600
ARGH Picks2-01.0002-01.000

Retrodictive standings measure how the ratings explain the games that have already happened.

ARGH Retrodictive standings
Bias toward home team5.00000
Mean error22.6000
Mean square error817.800

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