This Week's ARGH Game Predictions

These are the ARGH system predictions for games of the weekend of September 15, 2012. IMPORTANT: These are predictions, not betting lines! If you are looking for betting lines, please go to!

SOUTH FLORIDA 4 over Rutgers; total 46


Washington State 5 over NEVADA-LAS VEGAS; total 50


Alabama 17 over ARKANSAS; total 54
SOUTH CAROLINA 34 over Alabama-Birmingham; total 53
MISSOURI 11 over Arizona State; total 58
NEBRASKA 23 over Arkansas State; total 60
INDIANA 5 over Ball State; total 58
NORTHWESTERN 9 over Boston College; total 52
TOLEDO 4 over Bowling Green State; total 52
UTAH 3 over Brigham Young; total 47
OHIO STATE 17 over California; total 55
FRESNO STATE 12 over Colorado; total 54
SAN JOSE STATE 12 over Colorado State; total 46
MARYLAND 1 over Connecticut; total 45
SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI 9 over East Carolina; total 58
PURDUE 19 over Eastern Michigan; total 51
TENNESSEE 1 over Florida; total 52
GEORGIA 31 over Florida Atlantic; total 49
CENTRAL FLORIDA 8 over Florida International; total 56
UCLA 16 over Houston; total 61
LOUISIANA STATE 35 over Idaho; total 47
OKLAHOMA STATE 21 over Louisiana-Lafayette; total 65
AUBURN 19 over Louisiana-Monroe; total 52
MICHIGAN 34 over Massachusetts; total 54
BOISE STATE 15 over Miami, Ohio; total 52
MEMPHIS pick 'em over Middle Tennessee State; total 51
Mississippi State 17 over TROY; total 54
PENN STATE 7 over Navy; total 48
TEXAS TECH 27 over New Mexico; total 59
TEXAS-EL PASO 6 over New Mexico State; total 56
LOUISVILLE 8 over North Carolina; total 50
KANSAS STATE 22 over North Texas; total 56
Northern Illinois 5 over ARMY; total 53
MICHIGAN STATE 3 over Notre Dame; total 49
Ohio 2 over MARSHALL; total 61
LOUISIANA TECH 14 over Rice; total 58
NORTH CAROLINA STATE 20 over South Alabama; total 46
STANFORD pick 'em over Southern California; total 56
Texas 11 over MISSISSIPPI; total 52
Texas A&M 8 over SOUTHERN METHODIST; total 56
Texas Christian 16 over KANSAS; total 54
Texas-San Antonio 16 over GEORGIA STATE; total 53
WISCONSIN 8 over Utah State; total 49
GEORGIA TECH 6 over Virginia; total 51
Virginia Tech 13 over PITTSBURGH; total 48
FLORIDA STATE 19 over Wake Forest; total 54
KENTUCKY 5 over Western Kentucky; total 50
MINNESOTA 5 over Western Michigan; total 54

ATS picks for all games are evaluated against the first available spread, with pick'em games treated as a one point spread for this purpose only because there are no ties in college football.

ARGH Picks this week are:

More picks may be added later as lines change. Very late picks may be posted at Twitter

2012 Results (includes late picks posted on Twitter):

Last WeekOverall
Against the spread22-24.47844-43.506
ARGH Picks1-1.5002-4.333

Retrodictive standings measure how the ratings explain the games that have already happened.

ARGH Retrodictive standings
Bias toward home team-0.24138
Mean error10.3046
Mean square error164.921

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