ARGH Game Predictions (Weekend of November 4, 2006)

These are the ARGH system predictions for the game of the weekend of November 4, 2006. IMPORTANT: These are predictions, not betting lines! If you are looking for betting lines, please go to!

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SOUTHERN METHODIST 6 over Alabama-Birmingham; total 46


BOISE STATE 35 over Fresno State; total 57


LOUISVILLE 9 over West Virginia; total 57


Air Force 1 over ARMY; total 45


WASHINGTON STATE 14 over Arizona; total 32
OREGON STATE 6 over Arizona State; total 49
Arkansas 3 over SOUTH CAROLINA; total 42
AUBURN 21 over Arkansas State; total 33
MICHIGAN 34 over Ball State; total 48
TEXAS TECH 11 over Baylor; total 53
Boston College 2 over WAKE FOREST; total 38
AKRON 5 over Bowling Green State; total 47
Brigham Young 10 over COLORADO STATE; total 41
Central Michigan 21 over TEMPLE; total 55
East Carolina 6 over CENTRAL FLORIDA; total 50
Florida 15 over VANDERBILT; total 39
MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE 13 over Florida Atlantic; total 40
Georgia 2 over KENTUCKY; total 51
Georgia Tech 8 over NORTH CAROLINA STATE; total 40
Hawaii 28 over UTAH STATE; total 62
MINNESOTA 6 over Indiana; total 54
IOWA STATE 1 over Kansas; total 54
Kansas State 5 over COLORADO; total 30
Kent 13 over BUFFALO; total 47
TENNESSEE 5 over Louisiana State; total 48
Louisiana Tech pick 'em over NORTH TEXAS; total 48
Louisiana-Lafayette 1 over TROY; total 40
CLEMSON 18 over Maryland; total 53
WESTERN MICHIGAN 21 over Miami, Ohio; total 42
ALABAMA 17 over Mississippi State; total 42
NEBRASKA 2 over Missouri; total 49
Navy 19 over DUKE; total 44
Nevada 5 over IDAHO; total 54
NOTRE DAME 32 over North Carolina; total 53
IOWA 19 over Northwestern; total 39
Ohio 13 over EASTERN MICHIGAN; total 37
Ohio State 27 over ILLINOIS; total 43
TEXAS A&M 3 over Oklahoma; total 50
TEXAS 24 over Oklahoma State; total 64
WISCONSIN 9 over Penn State; total 39
Pittsburgh 5 over SOUTH FLORIDA; total 45
MICHIGAN STATE 8 over Purdue; total 61
TEXAS-EL PASO 10 over Rice; total 63
WYOMING 14 over San Diego State; total 35
San Jose State 5 over NEW MEXICO STATE; total 56
Southern California 28 over STANFORD; total 45
Texas Christian 17 over NEVADA-LAS VEGAS; total 42
MARSHALL 5 over Tulane; total 60
Tulsa 4 over HOUSTON; total 54
CALIFORNIA 19 over UCLA; total 49
FLORIDA STATE 8 over Virginia; total 40
Virginia Tech 4 over MIAMI, FLORIDA; total 37
OREGON 16 over Washington; total 57


Southern Mississippi 11 over MEMPHIS; total 48

ATS picks for all games are evaluated against the first available spread, with pick'em games treated as a one point spread for this purpose only because there are no ties in college football.

Once again I'll be keeping track of games where my methods indicate a particularly good chance of a correct pick against the pointspread.

ARGH Picks this week are:

More picks may be added later as lines change.

The results for the ARGH predictions and picks for the 2005 season:

Last WeekOverall
Against the spread30-21.588240-201-15.543
ARGH Picks1-01.00017-9-2.643

ARGH Retrodictive standings
Bias toward home team0.38706
Mean error10.2961
Mean square error176.242

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